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Nana’s Toy Box Hub is the creation of Brianna’s natural talent as a big sister and her ability to manage the creative swirl of siblings and cousins that surround her. In 2018, Brianna and her sisters Emma, Samantha, Cousin Karina, along with little brother Ian in tow somewhere in the background, decided to launch their flagship program “Nana’s Toy Box Show”. This caused a big splash of excitement amongst the family around the world and the girls have since created additional episodes and enlisted other family members to join in on the fun.

The goal of Nana’s Toy Box Hub is to harness the creative musings, educational experiences, adventurous forays and collaborative whims of children and their interactions, and opening these boxes of intrigue to the world. Kids producing their own content with a positive spirit and drive is our motto. While they may be small in stature, or young in age, their aspirations are truly global when it comes to Brianna and her fleet of Toy Box Hubbers!

Along the way, subscribers may find videos and articles for product reviews, suggestions or tips for fun family activities, educational opportunities for learning about different cultures and languages, or just a simplified and clutter-free perspective from a child’s eye on nature!

We hope you enjoy the shows!





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