Toybox Hub Producers, Associates & Characters

Brianna - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Brianna – “Nana”
Age 9
Favorite color green
Favorite food fettuccine Alfredo
Hobbies rainbow looming, sewing, reading
What do I want to be? Chef, designer, teacher


Andrea - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Andrea – “Special A”
Age 11
Favorite color Blue
Favorite food Cup o’Noodles, of course!
Hobbies Soccer, photography, rollercoaster riding
What do I want to be? A working professional


Michael - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Michael – “Mikey”
Age 9
Favorite color BLUE
Favorite food PIZZA AND BEAN & CHEESE BURRITOS, no onions.
What do I want to be? Professional and respected bigtime WWE Wrestler


Emma - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Emma – “Special E”
Age 7
Favorite color blue
Favorite food spaghetti
Hobbies rainbow looming
What do I want to be? Game designer


Sammi - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Sammi – “Special S”
Age 5
Favorite color Pink
Favorite food Pizza
Hobbies Everything Sissy likes and more!
What do you want to be? The President of be USA but first I am a princess.


Nathan - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Nathan – “Neyney”
Age 4
Favorite color Dinosaur brown
Favorite food Chips
Hobbies playing with Dinosaurs, hunting Dinosaurs
What do I want to be? A T-Rex


Ian - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Ian – “Special I”
Age 3
Favorite color The color on the rainbows.
Favorite food Chips
Hobbies Playing with my family
What do I want to be? Astronaut or Spider-Man, or Superman


Evasiain - Nana's Toy Box Hub


Evasiain – “Special E”
Age 0.2
Favorite color Mommy
Favorite food Milk
Hobbies Sleeping and then waking up to look at things
What do I want to be? Bigger.